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Welcome to Shepherds Hope Rescue

Meet Bear, the newest member of our Shepherds Hope Family.  He's had a really rough start in his short life, but he won't have to worry ever again.


Bear is a handsome young male pure bred German Shepherd who is now available for adoption. At only 11 months old, Bear hasn't had the best start in life but he is definitely ready for a future with a family of his own. Originally purchased as a puppy by the owner of a garage who wanted a GSD to "guard" his business, Bear was simply chained outside and left on his own. But Bear loves people and his owner decided Bear wasn't "doing his job" so he was planning to take Bear out on the highway and set him loose. Fortunately a good samaritan stepped in and Bear's owner agreed to surrender him to rescue instead. Bear has been fully vetted and is now neutered. We are assessing him and teaching him basic manners. He is very smart and learning quickly, he is eager to please. Bear is walking fairly well on leash and is doing great with his pack walks with other dogs. He likes other dogs and wants to play but has never been taught dog manners so that will be the next step in his training once his neuter stitches heal. He loves to ride in the car in his crate. He is loving and sweet, a goofy, happy puppy who is grateful for any love and affection.
Bear is really a large puppy and very strong, he will need an experienced GSD owner who will continue to teach Bear new things and socialize him. Because of Bear's size and energy level, we prefer an adult-only household for him. Bear is available for adoption in NORTH CAROLINA/SOUTH CAROLINA and surrounding areas. If you are interested in adopting Bear, please visit Shepherdshoperescue.org and submit an application for review. If you have any questions, you can contact Donna J. at Bluemoonblue13@gmail.com.  Bear may be a bit of a diamond in the rough, but with the right family he is sure to shine.

UPDATE:  1/11/2016


Hi everyone! It's Bear. I'm settling into my foster home and I thought I would give you and update on how I am doing. My tummy was a little upset last night but my foster mom comforted me and I feel much better. I also have something called a "bed." It is the most wonderful thing in the world! I can't believe how lucky I am. I've started learning about manners, too. I'm walking on leash, learning to "sit" and not jump on people. It's all new to me, but my foster mom says I'm really smart and I pick up new things quickly. But you know what the best thing is? I'm with people who love me and give me lots of attention. Oh! I almost forgot. I need to thank everyone who has donated for my care. I've never known such love. More updates later . . .







Hi! My name is Bear and I'm the newest addition to Shepherds Hope. I haven't had the best start in life but I'm safe now and ready for the future. I'm just 11 months old and I have my whole life ahead of me. I was purchased as a puppy and chained up outside a business in downtown Charlotte. My owner wanted me to "guard" the place, whatever that means. All I wanted to do was greet the people who showed up.  I was so lonely! When he realized that I wasn't "doing my job",  he decided he didn't want me anymore and was going to turn me loose! Fortunately, a good samaritan stepped in and called Shepherds Hope. I'm so glad they did because anything could have happened to me. I've gotten a bath and have seen the vet. I'm being neutered next week. Aren't I handsome? My foster mom says that I will be available for adoption soon. I just know my new family is out there waiting for me. Is it you?








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Adriana Herd

Megan Moreno
Leila Lima

Brian Castano

Patricia Roldan

Annie Nunez

Flavia Monteiro Novo

Susan Bender

Sara J. Treibel




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Meet  Rosie



Our Rosie needs your help!  This sweet girl has had ongoing ear issues, maybe that is why she was abandoned, we don't know.  Look at that face; how could we let her die?  This week her right ear became horribly swollen to the point we were afraid it would burst.


We rushed her to the emergency hospial where they had to immediately drain her ear to stabilize her.  After a "ruff" night at the hospital, surgery had to be done the following day to properly help her ear.  It was a huge procedure; draining, cleaning, flushing her ear canals, suturing, packing and bandaging.  Rosie has to remain at the emergency vet for a few days so they can watch her and make sure her bandages stay on.


This was a huge hit for our rescue which is already stretched thin.  Even with a generous discount, the bill was over $3,000.  And the follow-up care for Rosie will cost even more because she will need several bandage changes for which they need to sedate her.  We can't say no and we feel we must give her the best chance of this not happening again.  Ear problems are very painful and we can't let her suffer.


Please help Rosie.  She could use some guardian angels right now.  Our Shepherds Hope family has always been there to help!


After Rosie is all healed, she will need a home of her own.  Please open your heart to this sweet dog.  She has suffered enough and deserves a better life and a chance to be loved.






God Bless You All.

Wishing you all a Colorful and Happy Fall.




 Rosie's Supporters:



 Deborah Van Cott

Theresa Gerlich

Susan Cattieu

 Lisa Thristino

Brian Castano






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