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Welcome to Shepherds Hope Rescue


In loving memory of Baron K582 

Philadelphia Police Department  



 K9 Baron served proudly with his handler Officer Jim Zimmerman for over 7 years. They enjoyed a very special bond. We are so very grateful he was allowed the chance to shine and do a job he loved so much. 



Rest easy, mighty warrior.






We’d like to welcome McFly to our Shepherds Hope family.  McFly has had a very sad start to his young life. His father locked him in a tiny crate and put him in a closet and then shot himself. Five days later Mc was found in the closet beyond traumatized.


After 2 weeks in the shelter the staff decided that he could only be taken by rescue or put down. We just had to take him and give him a chance.

Here’s Mc on his ride home, a bit confused and sad but glad he is going to a home. At 1 1/2 years old and only 41 lbs. he is very emaciated so we are feeding him special food and small meals.

Next stop the vet for a full medical check up and another bath.

We’ll keep you posted on his progress. Despite everything Mc has been through, he is very sweet and wants to trust and love again. Baby steps. 



McFly Supporters:


Aubrey Graf Daniels  


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Update: 7/15/2016

We are so proud of our Mavrick who is now an official K-9 of the Philadelphia Police Department.  We congratulate Mavrick and his handler Officer O'Brien for their hard work and dedication.  We wish you a long and happy career together and we pray for your safety.  Way to go Mav!!!  

Make us proud.  




AFTER:  Mav with his new family                    BEFORE: Mav wandering the streets


Update 3/28/2016.  Mavrick is doing great during his second week of class.  He is already caught up on his obedience training.  We'll keep you posted.  Go Mavrick, we are rooting for you!



So begins the latest adventure!    Mavrick was found dragging a heavy chain and ended up at a rural shelter in North Carolina with next to no options of being adopted.  German shepherds are not put on the adoption floor and require a rescue to take them.  No one came to claim him.  


After being at the shelter for a few days, the staff saw his crazy energy level and said 'this boy needs a job'.  They contacted us and we went to go and take a look.  As sick as Mavrick was with horrible kennel cough, he was raring to go.  Hung off a towel and almost shredded it, wouldn't give up a ball or squeaky toy for even the most tasty treat.   He's now with his foster mom and upon completion of his isolation, he will be transported and going into K-9 training class with Philadelphia's finest.  Please send up some good thoughts and prayers for our boy.   He is being treated for his kennel cough, will be neutered and we're working on his transport.  


Mavrick hopes a few angels will step forward and donate to help make this possible.  Although we've been bogged down with medical and special food costs for Zeus, we just couldn't let this opportunity pass by for Mav.  


We'll keep you posted.



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Mavrick's Supporters:


For the love of Mavrick: Jane, Dave and Misha 

Linda and Philip Okun
Jane and Dave Doyle




 UPDATE 3/19/2016.  After a 9 1/2 hour drive today, Mavrick is now with the Philly K-9 unit.  What a brave and sweet boy he is.  Here is Mavrick at the halfway point and is waiting for his pickup to start the beginning of his new adventure. We are soooooooooooo rooting for you, our boy.  We know you will make us proud!



























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