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Welcome to Shepherds Hope Rescue









Meet  Rosie



Our Rosie needs your help!  This sweet girl has had ongoing ear issues, maybe that is why she was abandoned, we don't know.  Look at that face; how could we let her die?  This week her right ear became horribly swollen to the point we were afraid it would burst.


We rushed her to the emergency hospial where they had to immediately drain her ear to stabilize her.  After a "ruff" night at the hospital, surgery had to be done the following day to properly help her ear.  It was a huge procedure; draining, cleaning, flushing her ear canals, suturing, packing and bandaging.  Rosie has to remain at the emergency vet for a few days so they can watch her and make sure her bandages stay on.


This was a huge hit for our rescue which is already stretched thin.  Even with a generous discount, the bill was over $3,000.  And the follow-up care for Rosie will cost even more because she will need several bandage changes for which they need to sedate her.  We can't say no and we feel we must give her the best chance of this not happening again.  Ear problems are very painful and we can't let her suffer.


Please help Rosie.  She could use some guardian angels right now.  Our Shepherds Hope family has always been there to help!


After Rosie is all healed, she will need a home of her own.  Please open your heart to this sweet dog.  She has suffered enough and deserves a better life and a chance to be loved.






God Bless You All.

Wishing you all a Colorful and Happy Fall.




 Rosie's Supporters:



 Deborah Van Cott

Theresa Gerlich

Susan Cattieu






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Spring is a Time for New Beginnings








Lovely  Sheba found herself in the Manhattan ACC Shelter because she was a German Shepherd.  She was abandoned there because the NYC housing ban does not allow large breed dogs to live with the families when they enter the housing complex.  Her family was heartbroken, but they had no choice.  Although we have been trying to concentrate on devoting our resources to the many long-time dogs already in our care, we saw her sweet face and we could not abandon her too.


We were shocked to find out she was heart worm positive.  This is not common in the Northeast and is very costly to treat here.  Because Sheba was tested the strongest level of heart worm possible, she will have to have extensive treatment to make sure she will be treated slowly and safely.  This will happen over the next several months and when she is cured and it is deemed safe, she will be spayed.  Her care will be very costly and beyond what we have, but her treatment must begin as quickly as possible.


We are reaching out to our Shepherds Hope Family and asking you to donate so we can get the necessary medical care Sheba needs to live a happy and normal life.  Without treatment, she will die.  Any and all donations would be greatly appreciated; no donation is too small.  


Thank you to all our wonderful supporters for your generosity and support in the past. Without you,  we would not be able to continue the work that we do, saving this incredible breed.


God Bless You All.

Wishing you all a Wondeful and Happy Spring.






Sheba's Supporters:


Jessica Sigal

Dalia & Jennifer Gouveia

Lisa Smith

Lisa Del Percio

Micheline Tilton

Lisa Toohey

Conrad Gustafson

Robert Packer

Christine Gregorat

Terri Gerlich

Denise Feinkind

Talia Acampora

Chris Arena

Jean Balloon

Geoffrey Acampora

Christopher Schoedel

Kathryn Lange

Yvonne Esposito

John Fitzgerald

Janet Stegiel

Andee Post

Ray,  Rosa, and Allie Bussi

Janet Hine

Linda and Philip Okun

James and Leigh Ann Russo

James Dascoli

Larry Beck

Lisa Thristino






Penny's Journey 


Update:  5/31/2015


Everybody loves Penny.  She is making lots of new friends!!!




Update 4/4/2015


Penny thanks you for her New Beginning!!  Happy Spring, Penny!






Update 2/23/2015



Penny is doing so well. She has put on some much needed weight and loves going to work every day. We are so happy for this precious, sweet girl.
Thank you to everyone who helped us save her.  Penny sends you her love!



Update 2/11/2015



Penny just chilling at work with her rope toy! 



Update 2/8/2015


 Wow, 60's and sunny.  Lucky Penny!




Update 1/29/2015

Hanging out at work, playing with a few toys. We are having some supervised non-muzzle time!  






Update 1/27/2015



Doesn't she have the best face? 



1/26/2015 Update


Hi Everyone!

I hear you are prepping for snow!  Good luck!!  I would not be happy with that ... My shaved hip would be cold!!

I am doing better and eating more. I am SO ready to lose this muzzle. :(   Mom says I have to wear it a few more days until the staples come out. This sucks!  It's hard to give kisses thru the muzzle. Mom calls it my party hat...not funny!  Everyone, please be safe.
Thank you for saving me.
Hugs and kisses (through my party hat for now),





1/24/2015 Update


Here are some pictures of our Penny.  You go, girl!!!








This morning was better for Penny and the appetite enhancers are working. 



1/23/2015 Update 


Penny had a rough day today so she had to go back to the vet.  She wasn't eating very well and has slowed down a bit.  The vet ran some more blood work and it turns out she is more anemic than she originally tested.  It also showed that the hookworms are still there.  They gave her another dose of wormer and they believe the hookworms are worsening the anemia and the surgery has put more stress on her already frail body.  They are changing food tactics and giving her only dry kibble because she keeps eating around all the special yummy food and just wants the dry food - go figure!  They also gave her some appetite enhancers to make her want to eat.  All the pain meds and antibiotics could also be making her stomach a bit wonky too.  She is down to 31 pounds.  Bandages were changed, still pretty oozy, but that's to be expected.  POOR LITTLE GIRL!


So, Penny is now back home and resting on her triple layer fleece comforter.  Penny's foster mom took off her muzzle and after dinner put down a huge comfy blanket and sat down on the floor.  Penny crawled right up in her lap and fell sound asleep.  Not much else to do on a rainy and freezing night.  Penny's favorite pastime is to get pet and snuggle.  She is probably still decompressing from all those days on the run and in pain.


Sleep well, sweet Penny, we got your back!



1/22/2015 Penny has Left the Building




Penny, groggy after her surgery.




Penny has left the building!!!  The video below is Penny at the vet's office a few minutes before she left.  She and Inga, the vet tech, have formed such a wonderful bond.  Penny is doing OK; she ate a little this morning and is moving pretty well.  Animals are amazing.  Who would believe this sweet girl had gone through a major leg amputation and a spay yesterday morning?  The vet would like Penny moving slowly and adjusting.  We'll keep you guys posted.  


Thank you again to all of Penny's wonderful supporters that helped make this happen.  Isn't Penny the sweetest and most courageous little girl?  Who could not squish her up??!!  And the whole time she was wagging that magnificent tail.  She is so happy for any love and kindness she receives.





Click on the camera and check out the video of Penny as she left the vet's office.  What a sweet baby girl'




1/21/2015 Penny Update

Penny underwent surgery today, her right rear leg was amputated and she was spayed.  She is recovering well, she is alert and calm and a bit wobbly on her feet as you can imagine. Although she had gotten used to walking on three legs, she needs to learn to balance all over again with the change. We’ll find out more about her in the coming weeks, but right now we know she loves people and children and really loves attention. The vet decided that a basket muzzle was a better choice for Penny than the collar. They didn't want to panic her with the collar and she is so weak they didn't think she could support the collar with her frail body.  She is accepting the muzzle and has had a nibble of food and a bit of water.


We’d like to send a big shout out to Rocky Point Veterinary Hospital and their staff for the wonderful help and care they are giving our Miss Penny!! Penny will take some time to recover.  Once she does, we’ll be looking for her forever family so she will never know suffering and pain again. 
Please keep Penny in your thoughts and prayers for a quick and easy recovery.   Thank you all for your incredibly generous donations to help Penny.  Penny is so lucky to have such wonderful Guardian Angels to help her claim her new life.  Penny's best days are ahead…we promise!!!  We'll keep you guys posted and try to get a video of our girl as soon as she is able.  THANK YOU ALL SO, SO MUCH!!  We could not have done this without our Shepherds Hope Family!!  
God bless you all!
Penny's Original Story 


A rescue friend of ours in NC received a desperate call from a small rural shelter begging for help with a German Shepherd that had just been brought in by animal control.  The GSD was a young and very friendly dog, but came in with a horrible leg injury.  She was taken to the local vet to be looked at...it was not good.  He said the leg had to be amputated or she had to be euthanized.  The small shelter did not have the resources to treat her, so they quickly reached out to see if a rescue would take her. The shelter manager said that in spite of all her pain, the dog was very sweet and was wagging her tail and giving kisses.  The owner was located through the rabies tag but they did not want her.  We took one look at her sweet face and knew we had to give this girl a chance at a better life. She had NOT given up, and has a strong will to live and we were going to help her! 


We named her Penny. This little girl is an emaciated 11 month old female, weighing in at a mere 38 pounds.  We do not know what happened to her leg.  She may have been hit by a car, she may have gotten tangled in a piece of farm machinery, or possibly attacked by a larger animal. The vet, upon examination, was shocked to learn that this was an old injury probably one month old.  Her lower leg/paw was dead, only hanging on by skin and tendons and it flopped around when she moved around. Although instinct allowed Penny to try and lick it clean, considerable infection had set in. The suffering Penny must have been endured over this long period of time had to be extremely painful.  


Penny is currently on antibiotics for the severe infection and we will be getting her to surgery this week as soon as she is strong enough.  We are trying to raise money for Penny's surgery and after care. If you can help us help Penny, we would be very grateful.  Please pray for Penny's recovery. What a brave and sweet little girl!



 Click for a short video -  Warning: Graphic in nature



Will you be a sponsor and help Penny with her surgery and after care?  Just click on the Shepherd Savior icon below and help us make 2015 the beginning of a new life for Penny.  Together, we will show Penny we will NOT give up on her!



                      Penny's Sponsors:


Adrienne Swan
Todd Haines
Terri Gerlich
Ray and Melanie Swan
D. Nike Dwyer
Teri Dunbar
Caroline Dowd-Ward
Alicia & Josh Pollock
Jim & Leigh Ann Russo
Jeanne Meldrim
Karen Bisgeier
James Shepler
Jeanne Morency
Marianne Kinane
Katie Henry
Maureen Feduniak
Chris Arena 
Mary Leas
Philip and Linda Okun
Patricia Lepkowski
Susan Novosel Cattieu
Margrit McCrane
Phyllis Hosbach
Lori Wells
Tracy D. O'Berry
Denise Reszek
Michele Edge
Jacquelynn Kasufkin
Jo Hoffman
Susan Lorentz
Tiffany Maurer
Jean Beasley
Melissa Hoff
Camille Ford
Cindy Leinwand
Sue Feere
Cynthia West
Dawn Betters
Elyse Feldman
Michael Souveroff
Micaela Darling
Nicole Sellars
Jane Doyle
Aubrey Graf-Daniels

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            Thank you.  God bless you all. 
























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