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Welcome to Shepherds Hope Rescue


 Good Bye Sweet Jazzy 



It is with great sadness that we share with you the passing of our beloved Jazzy.  We got a call from her foster parents on Friday that Jazzy was not breathing well and not eating. We rushed her to the vet who suspected pneumonia.  We took x-rays and found a large mass near her right lung along with full blown pneumonia.  We immediately put her on IV medications and  hoped for the best.  Within a few hours we got a call from the vet that Jazzy was on oxygen and not doing well.  The vet said that she was suffering and we made the very painful decision to let her go. 

We had so hoped to find Jazzy a wonderful family to adopt and love her.  Well, half of Jazzy's dream came true; she did find a loving family to love her, her wonderful foster parents, Lauren and Peter.  They gave Jazzy a great year of good walks, great food, a warm, comfy bed and lots of pets and hugs.  Jazzy touched all of our lives, so many of you donated to help bring her back to heath, Jazzy got many wonderful wishes from her loving public.

We know when Jazzy passed over the Rainbow Bridge she was greeted by so many of our beloved friends, both 2 and 4 legged.  We will miss you, our Jazzy.  We are so happy to have known and loved you.  Glad we were able to give you the best year of  your life. 


All our love………




A Second Chance for a "Throwaway Dog"
The stories of K-9 Winchester and K-9 Rex
WINCHESTER, one of our GSD's that we saved from the local shelter was scheduled to be euthanized.  He is now a K-9 in Philadelphia and has now become a celebrity.  We wish Winchester and his handler a Very Happy, Healthy and Safe New Year.  We are so proud!
Watch the video at the link below:
or Read more at:
REX was at a shelter in CT and was scheduled to be euthanized.  In order to save him, there were so many people who worked extra hard to make this happen.  First, there was Julia, his foster mom, who immediately went to the shelter to evaluate him after we called her.  Upon meeting Rex, she couldn't let him stay there for one more minute, in fear of his being put down.  Julia called us and asked for our help in pulling him.  We told her to take him immediately and that we would find a good place for him.  Next were the police officers in NY who drove to CT to evaluate Rex and see if he was a candidate for K-9 work.  Then, there were all the phone calls and rejections we got because there were no spots open at the time for Rex, but we would not give up.  This led us to Bill V. and his team at the Parks Dept. who stepped up to take Rex and worked so hard training him.  Rex was truly a group rescue project.  He touched so many lives and everyone saw the potential and the goodness in him, enough for them, too, to want to help him.
One year later, we got this beautiful e-mail from Jacquie, Officer Knapp's wife thanking us for saving Rex.  Rex’s story is even more amazing because he had been attacked by a vicious dog while living with his first owner.  Rex required emergency surgery to save his life.   Physically, he recovered rather quickly, but mentally, he was left with many scars and became highly dog aggressive.  The K-9 trainers worked with him, training him to be dog tolerant but only under close handler supervision.  This is what makes this story even more amazing.  Please read Jacquie's letter and look at the wonderful pictures she sent:

Dear Donna:


It has been a year now since Rex became my husband's K-9 partner and member of our family.  It was a rough start, but he has adjusted well and I am writing to you to thank you for rescuing Rex.  As I sit here typing this message to you, he is sitting at my feet and it breaks my heart to think that he was deemed unadoptable by a shelter.  We were sent your Christmas newsletter last year a day before my husband was to pick up Rex.  Of course, we were very concerned about how he would behave and adjust to living with our family.  My husband was about to retire his K-9 partner (Noris) after working with him for several years.  Noris became a part of our family in 2005 when our son was 3 years old.  He loves Noris and they have been best of friends ever since.  He was expecting the same to happen with Rex.  Unfortunately, after reading about his behavior and past we weren't so sure.  Even as my husband picked him up, he was told he did not get along with any other dogs in the unit and growled at other officers.  Once he trusted us, he was fine.


That was last December, so let me tell you about Rex now.  He is best briends with our 10-year-old male shepherd, Noris, who suffers from degenerative myelopathy.  They play every day and Rex looks out for him.  When they go outside, Rex waits at the top of the stairs for him.  When neighboring dogs bark at Noris, Rex is there to protect him.  The first thing Rex does when he comes home from work is look for Noris.  Unfortunately, Noris is sometimes standing at the door and Rex knocks him down.  We just went on vacation for the first time since we have had Rex and we boarded both dogs at the animal hospital, a place where Noris has always gone.  We we arrived to pick them up, the ladies at the counter asked who we were there to pick up and when we said Noris and Rex, they said no.  In fact, one of them said she wanted to keep Rex.  He even was given a bath there.  The same worker said she would go into the kennel that Rex was in and just sit and play with thim.  Anytime Rex goes outside, we dry his feet before he comes inside.  He now stands there and lets us touch his back legs with no problem.  My son hugs and kisses him and plays with him all the time.  Again, it breaks my heart to think that he might not have been here if not for your organization.  Also, whoever came to the conclusion that he would make a good police dog was absolutely correct.  He is also so excited every day to go to work.  As soon as he sees my husband get ready, you can see Rex's excitement.


The change in Rex over the last year has been amazing.  Love and trust is all it took for him to let down his guard and be happy.  In fact, he wakes me up in the morning by nosing my pillow and when I pet him he moves to make my hand move down his back and scratch him right up above his tail, his favorite spot.  Amazing for a dog who didn't like to have his back touched, right?  He is definitely high strung and will lay right in the way, but he is part of the family.  Rex worked the Presidential Inauguration last year and continuously checks the monuments in DC.  A long way from where you found him.


Thank you for saving Rex and donating him to US Park Police.  We love him and couldn't imagine life without him.  Noris never had a friend before and when you see them, you would think they have been best friends for years.  I have even had people ask me if they are brothers.  I have attached a few pictures of Rex for you to see.  The first one, he is enjoying his Christmas present this year.  The next, is of him and my husband at work.  They were training that day.  Finally, a picture of Rex and Noris playing.  Rex is on the left.


Thank you and Happy New Year!




 Rex with his Christmas Present 2013

Officer Steven Knapp with Rex

Rex (left) with his brother Noris (right)
God bless you all. 





























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