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Happy Tails



Zephyr is about 6 1/2 years old, is neutered and up-to-date with vaccinations.  He loves to give hugs and is a very loving boy.  He tends to talk back if you tell him something he doesn’t want to hear!  He adores going for car rides, and if you give him an ice cream cone, he’ll do just about anything.


I was found wandering the streets – plenty of us end up like that, and yes, I did have a collar embedded in my neck so deep the people at the shelter had to surgically remove it. But you know what? They couldn’t believe what a good boy I was. Sure, it hurt a lot, but I was all kissy and friendly. That’s all my rear-view, mirror, as they say.
Ok. Here’s what I want. I love going on walks. I used to be a little freaked by people I didn’t know – especially men, because something bad must have happened to me when I was young – but whew, I’ve really worked hard to move beyond that. That’s the kind of guy I am.






Shaina is about 8 years old.  She has lived with children and cats and is excellent with both.  She also loves other dogs.  She is well mannered, quiet and an excellent companion for either house or apartment living.






Bear is a handsome young male pure bred German Shepherd who is now available for adoption. At only 11 months old, Bear hasn’t had the best start in life but he is definitely ready for a future with a family of his own.












…We named her Penny. This little girl is an emaciated 11 month old female, weighing in at a mere 38 pounds.  We do not know what happened to her leg.  She may have been hit by a car, she may have gotten tangled in a piece of farm machinery, or possibly attacked by a larger animal. The vet, upon examination, was shocked to learn that this was an old injury probably one month old.






Zeus is a breathtaking long-haired German Shepherd.   Besides his incredible good looks, he is just the sweetest boy and LOVES attention.    A bit thin for his size (he should be about 100 pounds) he thinks he’s a lap dog and will do just about anything for a treat.    He and his housemate Pepper have been together since 3 months old.  They are very attached and complement each other beautifully.   







Pepper is small, compact, fun and playful and just so friendly to everyone she meets.  Give this girl a ball and she’s a happy camper.   She and Zeus will be ready for adoption soon, as their spay/neuter surgery will be done when Zeus puts on some much needed weight. They are a bonded pair, but Pepper does not seem to enjoy the company of other dogs besides Zeus.



This super handsome boy is Riley, a two-year-old male German Shepherd.   Riley comes from a loving home, but due to family changes, his family knew they did not have proper time to devote to a young, very energetic young dog.  Although Riley is super friendly and has lived with an elderly dog and a cat, we are seeking a special home for him with a family who has the time and energy to devote to his very active lifestyle. 










 Meet Tango a one-year-old male German shepherd. Tango is a very outgoing and energetic boy. He has a great temperament and can be quite the goofball. His favorite pass time playing outside with his family. He rides great in the car is also crate trained. Tango's owners gave him a lot of love but not too much training. He knows sit but we are working on his obedience skills. 



Sidney is about 8 years old and loves people.  He was adored by his dad who passed away a few weeks ago.  He came to us very sad, confused and in terrible shape.  He has come out of his shell and is a very sweet and happy boy who loves to play ball and lay beside you.  He moves relly well and looks terrific for his age. Although he has been around other dogs, he would do best as an only dog.  He is quiet and calm and will follow you around.  He LOVES his treats and being pet.  He is the perfect companion pet for someone who wants someone to share their life with.



Meet Titan, a beautiful 7-month-old male German Shepherd.  He is not your typical sweet puppy.  We know he has potential to be a good boy, but has lacked guidance in his formative months.  He will need a firm but loving owner.  He may do well with a confident female dog as he does tend to be pushy and plays rough.  Titan needs a lot of exercise and space to run and play in a fenced in yard.









Hope and her daughter Jenna were abandoned at a local animal hospital and we were contacted for help placing them. Upon meeting Hope, it was clear she was used as a breeder dog because of her physical condition. But even sadder was her mental state. As with most breeding dogs, they are locked in crates and have little physical or emotional contact. Hope was painfully shy and preferred to stay in her kennel rather than than venturing out. Seeing and feeling grass for the first time was almost a painful experience. She also had been yelled at and was hand shy. We knew Hope would need a very special family to help her learn what love and kindness was.


 King Cody




Our rescue friend Veronica in North Carolina contacted us about King, a very sweet Shepherd boy with seizures.  His mom was losing her home and could no longer afford to care for King, and he needed to find a home quickly or he would be left at the local shelter.   It’s a well known fact that southern shelters are high kill and a dog like King with special needs would never stand a chance and would be euthanized right away.  Veronica was desperate to save him.  We reached out to a friend with a soft spot for older and special needs dogs.  We sent a few pictures of King and asked if she was interested.  She was so touched by King’s story and his sweet face that she said she would take him.  







A rescue friend in NC sent a Craig’s List posting of the most pathetic Shepherdy-looking girl who was 9 years old. Her owner was moving and couldn’t take her along. If a home was not found in 2 days, she would go to the shelter. As most of us know, a 9 year old dog in a southern shelter would never make it to the adoption floor. Our friend Veronica went to meet Jodi and found her to be a bit shy and scared but warmed up after a bit. Veronica said she was too adorable and sweet to deserve the fate coming her way. Veronica brought her home, and within a day, Jodi was running with the pack having a grand old time. No trace of the scared and reserved dog of days ago.




Logan’s striking good looks and personality has impressed all the people he meets. He is 6 years old and a big boy at 105 lbs. Logan is an enthusiastic guy who enjoys ball-playing, has mastered all of his basic commands, and is housebroken- he’s “move-in” ready! Due to his size and pep, Logan would do best in a home with German shepherd experience.  We are tested him with other dogs, but he did not do so well, so we think he would do best as an only dog. 





KC is a beautiful 5 year old German Shepherd from working lines. Her owner had to move into a place that does not allow large dogs, and with great heartbreak she had to give her up.  KC loves to play ball and go for car rides. She has lived with visiting children in the home, but would do best with children over the age of 12. She likes to play with large dogs, but no small dogs or cats for this girl. Prior German Shepherd experience is required, she is a very strong and energetic girl. She will make an awesome companion for an active family.






Meet Duke a 2 year old male German shepherd.  Duke is very sweet and playful and loves people.  He is also dog friendly with dogs that are well behaved.  Duke is working very hard on his training commands and is a fast learner.  We are learning more about him each day.  He is such a smart and inquisitive boy.






Meet Tango, an 8-month-old male German Shepherd.  Tango is a very outgoing and energetic boy.  He has a grat temperament and can be quite the goofball.  His favorite pass time is playing outside with his family.  He rides great in the car and is also crate trained.  Trano’g owners gave him a lot of love but not too much training.







Meet Hunter, a super-gorgeous 11 month old black sable male German Shepherd. He is very outgoing and friendly. For the most part, Hunter is good with other dogs but can be a bit bossy, therefore we do not recommend him in a home with small dogs because of his power. Hunter knows basic obedience and would like to learn more. He has an extra abundance of energy as with most Shepherds his age, so he needs to find a home where someone will have the time to take him places and do things with him. Hunter’s family gave him up because they did not have the time he required to exercise him and do things with him. Hunter must have an experienced handler with German shepherd experience. 





Meet Hugo! This handsome boy is all smiles!  Hugo is a 5-6 year old handsome shepherd who is full of love! He’s a super sweet boy who does well with everyone that he meets! He’s an easy going mature gentleman with nice manners and an outgoing happy personality! Hugo would make an excellent addition to a family and he will become your best friend!He also does well with other dogs and cats! He would do best in a home with no small children.




This is Rosie a one year old sweet hound mix.  She loves people and is good with other dogs.  She like to take long walks and play ball.  One of her favorite pass times is to swim and play in the pool.  Her mom loves her very much but doesn’t have the time to work with her and wants to find her a loving home.  Rosie has a lot of energy so she needs someone who has the time to do fun stuff with her.  She is a great companion dog for another dog or a very active person.





Poor, sweet Roxi, just 9 months old and found herself at a scary shelter because someone in the home was allergic. She is 9 months old, according to her former owner, has lived with adults and children. They stated she is loveable, loves to be hugged and petted, but is a bit on the hyper side. Obviously they are not familiar with a young German Shepherd!  We are looking for a home for Roxi with previous German Shepherd experience. She will need training, continued socialization and someone who will make her a part of the family FOR KEEPS!




Philadelphia K-9.  See our Shepherds Hope K-9 Top Cops Page.




Philadelphia K-9.  See our Shepherds Hope K-9 Top Cops Page.




Ursa was found in an empty lot on a cold night in February with no shelter or food.   We took her into our home hoping she would join our family.  She gets along fine with our pitt mix, is interested in the guinea pigs but so far hasn’t bothered them.  She is a GREAT dog, friendly, loves to snuggle and she is always smiling. She loves beds, pillows and couches and she loves playing with her toys. She is starting to play fetch with her stuffed animals.  She has a lot of playful puppy energy and loves hugs and belly rubs.




Meet Jenna, a 5-month-old female German Shepherd.  Jennas was abandoned with her mom and needs to find a loving home that will appreciate and love her.  She is a very happy, confident and energetic puppy who loves people.  She is learning some basic obedience and is a fast learner.  We would like to find her a home with German Shepherd experience and someone who is home during the day because Jenna is learning house breaking.  We do not recommend her with children under 12 or with cats.




Meet Shadow, a 6 year old black bi-colored German shepherd.  His family loves him very much but have to give him up because of family health issues.  Shadow loves going for long walks and laying in the sun for hours. He’s a good ball player, too.  He is very affectionate and loves to be hugged.  He will nudge you with his nose when he’s hungry or remind you when he’s ready for his walk.  He’ll give you his left and right paw for a treat and knows his commands: sit, lay down, stay, easy and cross.  He is great companion, partner and an amazing listener.  He is extremely compassionate and very wise.  Always faithful and will give you all his love.  

Noble Heart



Meet Noble Heart, a stunning 2 year old male German Shepherd.    He was found as a stray and ended up in a city shelter.     He was a favorite of shelter staff and volunteers, was met by one of our previous adopters who thought he was just the sweetest, most wonderful boy. He is wonderful, outgoing and extremely friendly with people but is DEFINITELY NOT GOOD WITH OTHER DOGS.     He will need to go to a home with prior German Shepherd experience. He will not do well in an urban environment as it will be too difficult to manage his reactiveness to other dogs.   His ideal home would be in the country and a fenced yard will be required. 




Meet Misty a 4 year-old female long hair German Shepherd.  Misty has had a very hard life, she was used for breeding, severely neglected and then dumped at the city shelter because they no longer had time for her and her sister.  She was emaciated, filthy and matted.  Such a sorry sight for such a wonderful girl. Misty is a ‘party girl,’ she loves everyone and everything. She is a happy and confident petite girl.  She craves attention and is very playful and gentle.  Anyone who meets her falls in love.






Meet Sammy, a very happy and sweet one-year-old male German Shepherd. Sammy loves people and can be quite exuberant when he greets you.  He knows his basic obedience and he is learning that jumping is not the best way to show his delight.  During his evaluation, he was very eager to please,.  We worked on his leash skills and he quickly learned and we had a nice walk together.  He took treats gently from my hand after some coaching.  Sammy settles well after his exercise walk, ahe doesn’t have crazy energy.  He is very well-balanced, just a fun a happy boy who is very curious.  What Sammy needs is an experienced German Shepherd owner to share his life with.








Jax has been in foster care for 3 weeks and is improving slowly but surely.  He is learning to meet new people but is very shy.  If you are pushy with him he becomes nervous so he must be introduced slowly.   We are taking him to shopping centers so he can get used to the noise and people being about.  He is very inquisitive and wants to learn but it is a slow process.  Jax needs to learn to trust people more.  He wants to, but he needs more experiences to learn and we are working on that.  He is also learning how to play with other dogs in a positive way.  He is very fast and enjoys running.  Given the chance he will chase anything he sees, so a fenced in yard is essential for Jax to get his exercise and to stay safe.  Jax has a very high prey drive.  He is truly a lovely, sweet boy and deserves all the effort we are giving him.  He is a great companion dog and now loves affection and pets. 





Bear is a 7 month old puppy seized by us from his owner because of a cruelty investigation.    We rushed him to the emergency room for immediate care.  Bear was bleeding internally and needed emergency surgery to save his life.  The doctors gave him little chance to survive due to the extent of the injury and the extensive surgery, but we had to try to save him.   A guardian angel must have been watching over our little boy because he pulled through and is recovering.    We were so relieved for our sweet boy, but much to our dismay, it was discovered during diagnostic xrays that his femur was fractured too.      So under the knife our poor boy went again within the same week.   Metal plates and pins had to be put in to repair the fracture so his leg will heal properly and he will not have to endure a life of pain.  The doctors believe that Bear was kicked and beaten to sustain such horrible injuries.  How could anyone do something so horrible to a sweet, beautiful boy like Bear?????






Gunner is 5 years old German Shepherd from Germany who enjoys playing fetch and his rag-doll toys.  He also enjoys walks and going to the park. 








She is a GREAT dog, friendly, loves to snuggle and she is always smiling. She loves beds, pillows and couches and she loves playing with her toys. She is starting to play fetch with her stuffed animals.  She has a lot of playful puppy energy and loves hugs and belly rubs.








Meet Abby a 14 month old German Shepherd.  She is very intelligent and sweet. Abby loves people and attention. She is great on a leash and loves to take walks.  She is an active dog but settles very well and has a calm manner about her.  Her owner said she didn’t want her anymore so a wonderful foster dad stepped up and took her. She gets along with well socialized and well behaved dogs.  Abby is a female  and needs an experienced handler to continue her training and socialization.  






Bella is very sweet and a bit shy but loves attention and to be around people.  Her owners never really had any time for her so she has spent much of her life alone.  But when with people, she wants to be part of the pack.  










Our Belle has been with her foster mom almost 3 months and is now 7 months old. She is so friendly, intelligent and sweet.  Belle is doing great with her obedience training, walks terrific on a leash and
knows all her commands.  She is still high energy but is calming down and learning to settle on her own.  Her favorite activity is to annoy her foster brother and sister shepherds and then run and hide so they can’t correct her. She has such an incredible personality, a real character for sure.  






Cinder, a beautiful black German Shepherd that came into the NYC shelter as a stray. She is approximately 4 years old and about 75 pounds. She is sweet and gentle, and playful with other dogs. She is very sociable and seems to love everyone she meets. Just an all around nice, even-tempered girl who will make a wonderful companion.  






Coral is a beautiful 3 year old female. She came to the shelter as a stray and sadly no owner came forth for her. So she’s safe here with us. She is a lovely German Shepherd, on the smaller side. She did great on her evaluation except for the dog introductions. We are just getting to know her, so will update as we get more familar with this sweetheart.  







Jazz is a lovely 4 to 5 y/o German Shepherd Dog who originally came to the shelter as a stray. This sweetie was originally a bit timid but has blossomed and is very gentle and craves human attention – she is a regular velcro girl who will bond quickly and deeply. She can still be timid when meeting new people, and seems more comfortable with women. She is not a fan of children. Jazz was fostered for a long time in a home with several small dogs and she got along very well with them. She is a petite girl, a little on the chubby side but at a good weight should be approximately 55 lbs. She is playful and loves to chase a ball.  







Juliet is a petite, beautiful German Shepherd that is approximately 3 years old. She came to us 18 months ago as an underweight and shabby girl and was quickly adopted out. Sadly, she was returned to us because she has fear-based aggression towards other dogs (mainly larger than her) that the adopters could no longer handle. She is a sweet and loving girl that is active and loves to chase a ball. 






Juno is doing great in her new home.  She was recently adopted by Gerda and George who gave her a wonderful new life. Juno’s owner was a senior person who rescued her when she was 2 months old. But it became apparent that Juno had too much energy for a senior person so Juno spent her days outside in a yard and then in a hallway at night.  Juno was very outgoing and loved people and dogs but did not get the guidance she needed to learn.  Her mom is working with Juno everyday to become a good K-9 citizen and Juno is thrilled with all the love and training she is getting.  Welcome home Juno!  






 Luna had a rough start in life and was rescued by a loving family who took her into their home and taught her that not all humans are mean and hurtful. She was adopted but her new owner’s work circumstances have changed so Luna must find another home. Luna’s new mom says that that she is super smart, polite, very affectionate and loves to meet new people.  Because of a change in circumstances, Luna was kept by her family because they just could bear to give her up.







Regina, a beautiful red sable German Shepherd who came into the NYC shelter as a stray. She is thought to be about 2 years old and about 50 lbs. She was scared and shaking while at the shelter but aced her behavior evaluation while there.  





Cyrus is settling in quite nicely after only one week in his new home.
He has already made friends with the neighboring dogs.  




Baron is an approximately one year old neutered male that just arrived from a Long Island shelter where he was picked up as a stray with a female German Shepherd that was likely his mother.  Baron is good with other dogs and has been great with the humans he has met.  He is best suited for a home with another dog that can continue to help him come out of his shell.  He is a small boy (56 pounds) but with proper nutrition, he will fill out and become even more handsome than he already is!  





Goliath, along with 9 siblings, were a product of an accidental breeding by their owners adult dogs.  Overwhelmed with puppies, the owner contacted several rescues to help find homes for the pups when they were 3 months old.   We were fortunate enough to get 4 of them.  These sweet boys were adopted immediately, one by a prior adopter of one of our rescue colleagues, and one by a family member of one of our adopters.   We are so glad they were given this chance at the wonderful lives they now have.  





Honeywell is a gorgeous 3-year-old German shepherd mix–the “mix” here gives him a unique ginger-colored coat and face. He currently weighs approx 55 lbs. He was given the behavior rating of “moderate” upon his arrival at the shelter as a stray, and this rating reflects the fact that this sweet boy is a bit fearful. But he is so worth the extra minutes of persuasion to get him out and spend time with him! Once he relaxes with you, Honeywell is affectionate, inquisitive and very dear. Honeywell is a genuinely special guy who will clearly repay the investment of love and time the right person or people will make in him. 






Poor Jagger is painfully thin: he is only about 62 lbs. when he should be at least 15 lbs. heavier. He is a sweet boy who did not seem to get a good start to his young life. 






Jasper, along with 9 siblings, were a product of an accidental breeding by their owners adult dogs.  Overwhelmed with puppies, the owner contacted several rescues to help find homes for the pups when they were 3 months old.   We were fortunate enough to get 4 of them.   These sweet boys were adopted immediately, one by a prior adopter of one of our rescue colleagues, and one by a family member of one of our adopters.   We are so glad they were given this chance at the wonderful lives they now have.  








My name is Jay and I am about 1 1/2 years old. I’m one of the sweetest guys you will ever meet!    I’ve come a long way from my jailhouse photos when I was a scared pup who found as a stray in NYC. Just look at my sweet and loving face and my beautiful amber eyes. Are you hypnotized yet? I truly don’t know how you could resist me! I just want to be right by your side, forever! I’ll follow you everywhere you go, just looking at you lovingly. I will truly be your best friend. 






 Meet Justice, a stunning 5 y/o male German Shepherd who was surrendered to the NYC shelter last CHRISTMAS EVE due to the owners having allergies. Tall and majestic, he weighs in at 115 pounds. He is a very energetic boy and loves to play with his ball! He is a fast learner and knows his commands such as sit and down. He is housebroken. He was tested with cats and did not do well and definitely needs to be an only dog in the home.  






Meet Max a 6 month old pure bred German Shepherd. He is very friendly, intelligent and outgoing. He was in two homes in his very short life because he wasn’t trained very well.  He has been in our foster care, with his foster pack, for several weeks now and is learning to be a well behaved puppy.   We know people will look at Max and fall in love with his cuteness, but we must stress that Max is a typical German shepherd puppy and needs an experienced shepherd owner to continue his training and socialization.  



 Mo Joe



Moe, a beautiful 4 year old plush coated German Shepherd. He had one home all his life before he was surrendered to the NYC shelter due to financial reasons. His previous owner describes him as a very nice boy who is housebroken, knows basic commands (though pulls on his leash), and is friendly with people and other dogs. 







Rocky was given up by his former owners due to ‘landlord issues’.   He came to Shepherds Hope in April 2011.  Rocky was so sweet, playful and friendly, we couldn’t understand why no one was even asking about him.  It must be because his forever family was waiting out there for him.  He was adopterd in January by Jeff and Sandy and, as you can see, he’s making himself quite at home.   We couldn’t be happier for this wonderful boy.  






Snow and his brother Mike were surrendered to the city shelter because the owner ‘had too many dogs’.    With 9 dogs I  would probably have to agree with that statement!  Snow is now settling in with his new brothers and sisters.  







Stryker has had an eventful journey. He was surrendered to Staten Island Animal Care & Control by his owners. When Hurricane Irene came along, the dogs were all evacuated to Manhattan and Brooklyn. Stryker (who was formerly known as Rocky) was almost lost in the shuffle. Thankfully the shelter reached out to us and although we really didn’t have space, something about this boy’s face drew me to him. Stryker is a gorgeous, compact and sturdy 3 year old male Shepherd. Although he is not feeling his best from an upper respiratory infection, he is very loving and playful and LOVES playing ball.  






Zeus was surrendered to Animal Care & Control in Brooklyn with his owners not giving us much information other than he loves treats, he’s great with adults and very smart. It’s been discovered that he really likes being around other dogs, and as you can see he’s quite the handsome boy! He’s approximately 1 1/2 years old and will make a wonderful companion.  





Zeus is friendly and outgoing with people.  He is good with other dogs as long as they are well-behaved and well-balanced.  He needs to continue working on his ‘dog etiquette’ because he does tend to be pushy

toward other dogs if they are submissive.  Zeus is a great dog and will make a great companion for someone who has the time to work
with him.  Zeus is your typical Shepherd puppy with lots of energy so an active home would be best.  





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